Tuesday, May 31, 2011

British Library creates a "national memory' with digital newspaper archive http://dld.bz/abJuY
New TV channel combines Citytv, 680 and Maclean’s http://dld.bz/abJuX
The Blagger's Guide To...self-publishing http://dld.bz/abJuU
Namita Gokhale takes potshots at high society in new book http://dld.bz/abJuM
Acquisitions editor - trade books http://dld.bz/abJuE
ZoomerMedia says losses tighten in third quarter as revenues increase http://dld.bz/abJuC
A panoramic view of Vancouver's past http://dld.bz/abJu7
Digital Publishing Info-Graphic, Coutrsey of NYCEDC http://dld.bz/abJu4
Nilanjana S Roy: Inside the mind of god's little soldier http://dld.bz/abJu2
Twitter users publishes fresh list of super-injunctions http://dld.bz/abJux
Donald Trump to write political book http://dld.bz/abJut
The Cameron-Clegg Government: or the perils of publishing a book early in the Parliament http://dld.bz/abJuq
Mon: Leviathan partners bounce back http://dld.bz/abJug
Wolters Kluwer Health acquires Lexi-Comp, Inc http://dld.bz/abJtX
Bomb blasts rock Bauchi Army barracks http://dld.bz/abJtN
Credit Card scam targets poker publishing company http://dld.bz/abJt7
Books still big business in 2010 http://dld.bz/abJmn
Maximise your potentials http://dld.bz/abJkY
We’ll make Nigerian economy buoyant again  – Chime http://dld.bz/abJkJ
Publishing platform Wattpad sees rise in ‘Facebook fan fiction’ http://dld.bz/abJkF
Women to Watch: Desiree Rogers, Johnson Publishing Co. http://dld.bz/abJk5
Reunions: Journalists, authors discuss future of publishing http://dld.bz/abJkv
Spring into summer with Usborne books http://dld.bz/abJkr
War tale breathes new life into familiar story - and Scottish publishing http://dld.bz/abJkj
Edugilent Publishing Introduces STAAR-based Products http://dld.bz/abJke
Digital book companies jostle for dominance in NY http://dld.bz/abJjZ
Yvonne Rainer to Publish Book of Poems http://dld.bz/abJjE
Oxford’s The Shaw Festival: The First Fifty Years, a book about its own history http://dld.bz/abJjq
Independent Book Publishing Checklist http://dld.bz/abJjm
Unlock Publishing House, Inc. Presents a New Book: Doomed To Be Nothing, Destined To Be Something http://dld.bz/abJjk
News and more at EssentialWriters.com http://dld.bz/abJjh
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? http://dld.bz/abJjg
Unbound Launches Its Kickstarter-Byliner Hybrid For Celebrity Authors http://dld.bz/abJjd
Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #8 http://dld.bz/abJjb
Is Amazon Preparing To Become A Book Publisher? http://dld.bz/abJhQ
A Big E-tailer as E-publisher – Barron’s http://dld.bz/abJhN
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Exhibition Catalogues Win 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards http://dld.bz/abJhG
“A writer is nothing” http://dld.bz/abJhF
Be swept away by making of 'Gone with the Wind' http://dld.bz/abJh3
Are you taking small steps to become a writer? http://dld.bz/abCT4
Allowing your manuscript to reveal what works best. http://dld.bz/abCTw
Learn how to walk the publisher's walk http://dld.bz/abCTu
Steps so your book won't be a Bestseller… http://dld.bz/abCTh
Kidnapped child was murdered in satanic rite http://dld.bz/abJhp
To Kindle or not ? http://dld.bz/abJhj
The Editor and You: The process http://dld.bz/abCSV
Do you have customer service as Amazon have? http://dld.bz/abCSS
Is your Networking Skills well fit? http://dld.bz/abCSR

Monday, May 30, 2011

Generations connect to preserve stories http://dld.bz/abC9k
Library district expands e-book offerings http://ping.fm/mENy6
Punj Lloyd eyes infra projects worth $2 bn in Africa http://dld.bz/abC8K
Hollywood's radical lefties revealed http://dld.bz/abC85
In the business world, a hedgehog outfoxes a fox http://dld.bz/abC84
Paul Allen's book an unabashed bid for computing industry credit http://dld.bz/abC82
Water Cooler: China's fortunes may change http://dld.bz/abC8w
State companies to declare assets, debts http://dld.bz/abC8q
World-reknowned knitwear designer Maggie Jackson finds a home in Kalamazoo http://dld.bz/abC8e
On philosophers and profits http://dld.bz/abC8b=
KBB.com: Kelley Blue Book Revises, Relaunches Its Web Home http://dld.bz/abC7S
English and call centres http://dld.bz/abC77
Coaldale Curlers Get Guinness Book Recognition http://dld.bz/abC75
Three genres covered in book launch http://dld.bz/abC7w
Kibble, Dobbie shortlists announced http://dld.bz/abC7r
Book review by Aarene Storms: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie http://dld.bz/abC7h
Teresa Giudice: NJ BOOK SIGNING! http://dld.bz/abC7c
Book Review: Rachel Simon's 'The Story of Beautiful Girl' Changes Perceptions http://dld.bz/abC6Z
Odds and Book Ends (May 30-June 5) http://dld.bz/abC6W
The story behind the new book ‘We Are America’ : In the news. http://dld.bz/abC6V
AW Book News: With A Little Luck by Caprice Crane http://dld.bz/abC6P
Book blames Indira for damage to Cong in UP http://dld.bz/abC6E
Reciprocal or Unrequited Admiration? LIGHT Published by Outskirts Press http://dld.bz/abC5A
Review: The Art of Being a Well Dressed Wife by Anne Fogarty http://dld.bz/abC6u
Toronto veteran, 88, recalls war experiences in new book http://dld.bz/abC62
Bone Cage named MacEwan book of year http://dld.bz/abC66
Toronto veteran, 88, recalls war experiences in new book http://dld.bz/abC62
Review: The Art of Being a Well Dressed Wife by Anne Fogarty http://dld.bz/abC6u
Five book reviews that go from war to the wild side http://dld.bz/abC6n
Publishers turn to film to market books http://dld.bz/abC5W
Jim Ross Blogs: Brock Lesnar's Book, Randy Savage & More http://dld.bz/abC55
Q&A: Steve Earle talks debut novel 'I'll Never Get Out' http://dld.bz/abC52
A maybe non-book of maybe non-poems http://dld.bz/abC5z
Aregbesola’s 54th Birthday: Friends, Associates Honour Governor With Prayer, Book Launch http://dld.bz/abC5w
Book to help parents through tough times http://dld.bz/abC5p
Bereaved author David Grossman writes novel about loss of a child http://dld.bz/abC5f
New book on Frank Sinatra: 388 pages from the perspective of his fourth and final wife http://dld.bz/abC5c
Book 'em: State champs http://dld.bz/abC5a
This book has everything but a plot http://dld.bz/abC4W
Oregon Baseball: Don't close the book on the Ducks' regional hopes http://dld.bz/abC4B
Arabic edition of Observer book on business leaders to be launched next week http://dld.bz/abC4z
Ex-Newtown resident, new VP of programming at CBS News, publishes book http://dld.bz/abC4w
Raina at Harsha Bhogle’s book launch http://dld.bz/abC4p
Green Lantern Books Reveal More Images and Details! http://dld.bz/abC4k
Book this, WWE: Unification of world titles at SummerSlam http://dld.bz/abC4g
ESPN book goes back, back, back, back, back http://dld.bz/abC3X
'David Crockett: The Lion of the West': A book review http://dld.bz/abC3V
City of light http://dld.bz/abC3P
Hay Festival 2011: Politicians love to be brought to book http://dld.bz/abC3H
Big Bill Anderson's book big on pictures http://dld.bz/abC3E
"Book of Mormon": Taboos broken, tickets scarce http://dld.bz/abC38
Book blames Indira for damage to Cong's electoral base in UP http://dld.bz/abC3z
An Unlikely Power Duo Emerges in the Global Fight Against Climate Change http://dld.bz/abC2M

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Complications when printing your book http://dld.bz/ab8Jj
Complications when printing your book http://dld.bz/ab8Jj
Complications when printing your book http://dld.bz/ab8Jj
Observing the Pareto Principle in Action http://dld.bz/ab8HP
Is your Referral Marketing Campaign effective? http://dld.bz/ab8HB
Your ability to juggle these three worlds will determine your book sales. What is it? http://dld.bz/ab8HA
Are you a novice writer? Read this... http://dld.bz/ab8GZ
Do you know the purchasing process in book publishing? http://dld.bz/ab8Jx
How to establish harmony between the author and the publisher http://dld.bz/ab8Ju
Do you know the potential complications when printing your book? http://dld.bz/ab8Jj
Best cities are crucibles that give rise to history-changing ideas. http://dld.bz/ab8Jc
A dreaded affliction for book writers http://dld.bz/ab8HS
Do you know the 80/20 Rule? http://dld.bz/ab8HB
Can you communicate clearly what you do for a living? http://dld.bz/ab8HB
The Number of books you sell will depend on this... http://dld.bz/ab8HA
Is your statement fact-based or values-based? http://dld.bz/ab8Hf
Write. Rewrite. Repeat. http://dld.bz/ab8GZ
Approving the Purchase of Your Book http://dld.bz/ab8Jx
In Harmony http://dld.bz/ab8Ju
How to Avoid a Printing Disaster http://dld.bz/ab8Jj
America’s Most Literate Cities http://dld.bz/ab8Jc
‘Just-One-Seminar-Away’ Syndrome http://dld.bz/ab8HS
The Pareto Principle: Applying the 80/20 Rule http://dld.bz/ab8HP
Simplify Your Company’s Story http://dld.bz/ab8HB
The Three Worlds You Live In http://dld.bz/ab8HA
Fact-Based or Values-Based? http://dld.bz/ab8Hf
How Do You Pick the Paint? http://dld.bz/ab8GZ

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ubiquitous phone book still a staple http://dld.bz/ab3qd
Killer Colin Thatcher forced to donate book proceeds to victims of crime http://dld.bz/ab3pM
Oklahoma tornadoes: Chickasha historical book found in Midwest City http://dld.bz/ab3pJ
Book Review: The Vintage Book of American Women Writers, Edited by Elaine Showalter http://dld.bz/ab3pC
We Salute You: Rock Fans Flock to Book Revue for Johnson Book Signing http://dld.bz/ab3pB
How do I write a book review? http://dld.bz/ab3p8
David McCullough's new book: 'The Greater Journey' http://dld.bz/ab3p7-
MIT professor Maier wins $50K book prize for detailing ratification efforts for Constitution http://dld.bz/ab3p6
Duluth Author's Book Explores 'The End' http://dld.bz/ab3p3
Banville gets top book award http://dld.bz/ab3pu
Disney: Book your dream Disney holiday today http://dld.bz/ab3pt
Police Find Loaded Gun In Students Book Bag http://dld.bz/ab3ps
Mavs top Thunder 100-96 to book trip to NBA finals http://dld.bz/ab3pe
The Book of kings and commoners http://dld.bz/ab3pa
Rick Riordan and James Patterson Want Kids to Read (Their Books) http://dld.bz/ab3nZ
Oprah's Book Club to continue; Kirstie Alley heads back to acting; and more http://dld.bz/ab3nT
Book Expo America: Industry Dinosaurs on Parade http://dld.bz/ab3nQ
Book: Frank helped partner get Fannie Mae job http://dld.bz/ab3nM
Listen to the Hilarious and Ridiculously Catchy 'Book of Mormon' http://dld.bz/ab3nE
Convicted attorney threatens suit over book policy http://dld.bz/ab3nC
E-Book Prices Fuel Outrage--and Innovation http://dld.bz/ab3nj
James Bond back in novel penned by American bestseller http://dld.bz/ab3nh
Robots hoard the books at mechanized library http://dld.bz/ab3ng
BEA 2011: A BEA First: A Middle-Grade Buzz Panel http://dld.bz/ab3cS
BEA 2011: YA Buzz Panel Rocks Javits http://dld.bz/ab3cR
BEA 2011: Discussing the Power of Kids' Books at Breakfast http://dld.bz/ab3cM
BEA Show Daily 2011: Kudos to Pannell Winners http://dld.bz/ab3cH
BEA 2011: Building a Children's Book Community http://dld.bz/ab3cy
Book Review: To Be Sung Underwater by Tom McNeal http://dld.bz/ab3cw
Hot 103 nipping at CJOB's heels in latest ratings book http://dld.bz/ab3cv
Open Book: The Meagre Tarmac, by Clark Blaise http://dld.bz/ab3cu
Tell-All Book About Sarah Palin Sheds Doubt on Former Aide's Christian Values http://dld.bz/ab3ct
A good review of the new Derek Jeter book http://dld.bz/ab3cs
Foreign Fiction Prize won by Peruvian author http://dld.bz/ab3cp
San Francisco first to ban unsolicited delivery of Yellow Pages phone book http://dld.bz/ab2Ag
Assam Police constable to run his way into Limca Book http://dld.bz/ab2Aa
Almost Like a Whale by Steve Jones – book review http://dld.bz/ab29S
Graphic Book Best Sellers: A Treatise on Sex Workers http://dld.bz/ab29H
Book Report: A poor little rich girl, others reminisce http://dld.bz/ab282
Butterflies signal Mundelein school closing http://dld.bz/ab28w
Ramky Group current EPC order book above Rs 11,000cr http://dld.bz/ab27p
Books can't make history without people http://dld.bz/ab27j
ESPN book features in-office feuds, funny stories http://dld.bz/ab24d
W.H. takes aim at federal rule book http://dld.bz/ab23Z
Book review: 'ESPN: Those Guys Have All the Fun' http://dld.bz/ab23E
Book on library being rebuilt - Donations pour in from across Canada to restock shelves http://dld.bz/ab239
E-Book Report: Nook Is Up, IPad Still Catching Up http://dld.bz/ab236
VA Tech Wabag sees 20% increase in order book this year http://dld.bz/ab23x
What Did Qaddafi’s Green Book Really Say? http://dld.bz/ab23s
New Book: Vatican helped Nazis escape http://dld.bz/ab22A
Did you know that 39% of our email are coming from unknown senders? http://dld.bz/abuwV
Do you know one of the hardest part in writing a book? http://dld.bz/abuwK
Are you ready to be a Media Dream Guest? http://dld.bz/abuwF

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Successful networking is “all in the cards” http://dld.bz/abuwB
Are you taking responsibility in promoting your book as an author? http://dld.bz/abuw4
Share and Share Alike: Why Customization Is Taking Over http://dld.bz/abuxt
The Query Letter Content, Non-Fiction http://dld.bz/abuxp
Creativity: Interconnecting & Enriching http://dld.bz/abuxm
Web Map to Social Media, Part 6: Widgets http://dld.bz/abuxg
Truth or Consequences http://dld.bz/abuxd
Not Just Another Article on Luncheon Meat http://dld.bz/abuwV
Overcoming Writer’s Block http://dld.bz/abuwK
Tips on How to Be a Media Dream Guest http://dld.bz/abuwF
Smart Ways to Use Your Business Card http://dld.bz/abuwB
Library launches province-wide book club http://dld.bz/abtZc
Eat More Custard http://dld.bz/abuw4
AC/DC singer shares love of cars in new book http://dld.bz/abtYN
Decision soon on Hicks book action http://dld.bz/abtYB
THE BOOK OF MORMON's Andrew Rannells will Perform 'I Believe' at the Tonys http://dld.bz/abtYg
Bond is back in new book by thriller writer Deaver http://dld.bz/abtYc
David McCullough’s new book: It happens in Paris http://dld.bz/abtXX
Sarah Palin tell-all book: Why we read it http://dld.bz/abtXP
Farewell to Oprah's Book Club http://dld.bz/abtXF
Barnes & Noble Slims, Simplifies Nook E-Book Reader http://dld.bz/abtXB
Coal India's net profit up by 12.94% in FY11 http://dld.bz/abtX7
Buzz Reviews: The Boy in the Suitcase, by Lene Kaaberbol & Agnete Friis http://dld.bz/abtX2
People, Etc. http://dld.bz/abtXz
Layoffs at Barnes & Noble Distribution Warehouse; Big Q1 Earnings Drop for BAMM http://dld.bz/abtXt
Amazon Wants You To Know It Has a New Kindle, Too http://dld.bz/abtXq
Lenny the Misfit http://dld.bz/abtXc
Starting East-West dialogue http://dld.bz/abtWW
Snapshot of Valley homeless disputed http://dld.bz/abtWC
Exclusive Interview with Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis at BEA2011 http://dld.bz/abtWB
KnowledgeView's Advanced iPad Technogy as Shown on YouTube...Appealing to Content Providers From East To West! http://dld.bz/abtW5
City considers posting johns' names http://dld.bz/abtWz
Neal Pollack on "The Case for Self-Publishing" http://dld.bz/abtWq
Cash Money Content Introduces Authors for New Imprint http://dld.bz/abtWg
Granny's ring box- Summer reading http://dld.bz/abtWa
Aurora area historian Higgins pens Orphan Train Movement tale http://dld.bz/abtVX
New cookbooks offer new grilling ideas http://dld.bz/abtVW
Origin Publishing launch make and sell craft title http://dld.bz/abtV2
Michael Morpurgo's Little Manfred: the illustrator's tale http://dld.bz/abtVv
Hard time for Rochas, Ohakim and Imo State http://dld.bz/abtVp
VISI iPhone app is something to covet http://dld.bz/abtVj
Spotlight: Embracing the e-ink http://dld.bz/abtVe
Uganda: Court Dismisses Case Against Radio Journalist http://dld.bz/abtUY
Analyst Research on Gannett Co. and The New York Times Company - Digital Revenues Key for Newspapers http://dld.bz/abtU8
Analyst Research on Gannett Co. and The New York Times Company - Digital Revenues Key for Newspapers http://dld.bz/abtU8
Online Publishing: Say Goodbye to Static Sites http://dld.bz/abtUz
Costa Rica Hotel Wins Cover of 25th Silver Edition of Lanier Publishing Elegant Small Hotels Guide http://dld.bz/abtUx
Are you trying to be all things to everyone? http://dld.bz/abpFt
Do you have your personal network of trust? http://dld.bz/abpFe
10 Excuses Writers make http://dld.bz/abpFd
Are you giving total satisfaction to your customers? http://dld.bz/abpBQ
Critical Phases to succeed on a project http://dld.bz/abpFy
Approaches that will help me build up my Marketing Platform http://dld.bz/abpFt
Building a Personal Network of Trust http://dld.bz/abpFe

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do you know what your customer needs? http://dld.bz/abpBQ
How can I build my Marketing Platform? http://dld.bz/abpFt
Growing your Business by word-of-mouth http://dld.bz/abpFe
You want to write? What's stopping you? http://dld.bz/abpFd
What's In It For me? http://dld.bz/abpBQ
Phases to Project success http://dld.bz/abpFy
Alternative Approaches for Connecting with Readers http://dld.bz/abpFt
What's stopping you from writing? http://dld.bz/abpFd
What every sales presentation should answer http://dld.bz/abpBQ
The Payoff of Planning Persuasive Architecture http://dld.bz/abpFy
Disciplines of Platform Building http://dld.bz/abpFt
Networking With Businesses Overseas http://dld.bz/abpFe
Why Your Top Ten Reasons for Being Stuck Are All Wrong http://dld.bz/abpFd
Shadow of an Unspoken Question http://dld.bz/abpBQ
NEWS FROM THE BUFFYVERSE: Angel/Faith Monthly Comic Coming From Dark Horse http://dld.bz/abppY
Audio Book Competition http://dld.bz/abppT
40+ Stunning Minimalistic Book Cover Designs http://dld.bz/abppM
Book News: And Then It Happened by Linda Green http://dld.bz/abppF
Pop culture Q&A: More comic-book heroes are coming to the big screen http://dld.bz/abppz
AA: Dealers need to play by the book http://dld.bz/abppp
Royal Nebeker to appear at book signing http://dld.bz/abpph
Book teaches the art of managing volunteers http://dld.bz/abpnW
Retired Melrose Firefighter Channels Dostoyevsky With First Book http://dld.bz/abpm2
Garine at the Book Fest: Part One http://dld.bz/abpmv
REC expects loan-book to go up 25% in FY12 http://dld.bz/abpmr
Six Books Look to Build Buzz at BookExpo America http://dld.bz/abpmm
Book sale volunteer finds her daily escape http://dld.bz/abpma
Under 7s book giveaway: The Rhyming Rabbit http://dld.bz/abpkW
Book club scheme is a hit with elderly http://dld.bz/abpkU
Library Book Sale Gets Pages Turning http://ping.fm/ylIu8
Monster Mash: 'Book of Mormon' among Drama Desk winners; Getty Museum loses top antiquities curator http://dld.bz/abpjb
Book review: 'Familyhood' http://dld.bz/abphX
More than 3 million free e-books online as Google's e-book store grows http://dld.bz/abphV
The Hunger Games' Book Club: Chapters 7 & 8 http://dld.bz/abphN
Jack Henderson in book deal for Sick Kids in Edinburgh http://dld.bz/abphM
How to Choose '25 Books That Shaped America' http://dld.bz/abphJ
Digital Libaries May Include More Book, Music Copyrights Under EU Overhaul http://ping.fm/pTgHn
Digital Libaries May Include More Book, Music Copyrights Under EU Overhaul http://dld.bz/abphA
Young writer to Sign children's book http://dld.bz/abphT
Q&A: Geoffrey Dunn, author of 'The Lies of Sarah Palin' http://dld.bz/abpfT
Arena theater takes 1st Grisham novel to the stage http://dld.bz/abpfN
Book of Mormon, Anything Goes win Drama Desk Awards http://dld.bz/abpf6
Tim Pawlenty's Innocuous Book http://dld.bz/abpfu

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mamas & Papasgrows in the parenting and family lifestyle playgrounds http://dld.bz/abfSU
Graphic novels & art-comics—late May and early June 2011 http://dld.bz/abfSP
Publicity to Expect From Your Publisher http://dld.bz/abgFR
EA CEO John Riccitiello to UC Berkeley graduates: 'Fail well' http://dld.bz/abfSM
Katharine Webb: Fairy tale career http://dld.bz/abfS8
If I’m So Smart, Why Aren’t I Rich? http://dld.bz/abgF7
Perfect Market Names Mark Bell Senior Vice President of Sales http://dld.bz/abfSq
Coast's movers and shakers http://dld.bz/abfRX
75% of the Work of Writing a Book is… http://dld.bz/abgFz
A thriving industry: Study shows 100,000 senior caregivers expected to be hired in 2011 http://dld.bz/abfRT
19 Highly Profitable Companies Undervalued to Target Price http://dld.bz/abfQU
E-books: What’s the Deal? Part 2 http://dld.bz/abgFs
People: Chore-Time Brock appoints regional sales manager http://dld.bz/abfQM
How Scholastic Lost Its Way http://dld.bz/abgFn
TechBytes: Classroom Chats With Endeavour Crew http://dld.bz/abfQ5
Developing Your Website Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science http://dld.bz/abgEC
To End All Wars: How the First World War Divided Britain by Adam Hochschild http://dld.bz/abfQt
Developing Your Website Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science http://dld.bz/abgEC
Kelley Blue Book Offers Free 30-Day Trial of Quick Values(SM) Self-Service Portal to New Customers http://dld.bz/abfQh
Foreclosure Self-Help Book Receives Five Star Rating from Clarion Review http://dld.bz/abfPU
Referral Incentives: The Gift for Giving http://dld.bz/abgE9
Travelmatch: Brits Book Early as 2012 All Inclusive Holidays Heat Up http://dld.bz/abfPH
College Dollars and Sense http://dld.bz/abfP8
Onward and Upward http://dld.bz/abgE4
Roger Langridge's reinvention of a superhero http://dld.bz/abfPz
Feynman’s Pendulum http://dld.bz/abgEz
Retail Industry's Goliath Gets Stoned by New, Non-Fiction Book http://dld.bz/abfPr
French Open 2011: Roger Federer eases past Feliciano Lopez to book wild card date with Maxime Teixeira http://dld.bz/abfPh
A Very Buddy Book Signing http://dld.bz/abfPb
Henrik could re-write Vancouver's playoff record book http://dld.bz/abfNU
Falun Gong lawsuit skewers Cisco's 'little red' sales book http://dld.bz/abfNQ
Taoiseach gifts legends book to Obama children http://dld.bz/abfNh
BookExpo America Kicks Off http://dld.bz/abfMY
ESPN goes under the knife with Those Guys Have All the Fun http://dld.bz/abfMV
Book Review: Inside Stories: A History of the New Zealand Housewife 1890-1975 http://dld.bz/abfMe
Deepak Chopra's Latest Book, 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes,' Links Ancient Wisdom to Modern Comic Book Mythology http://dld.bz/abfKY
New Alibris Book-Rental Program Available to Third-Party Sellers  http://dld.bz/abfK9
Connecticut Book Festival Celebrates State Authors and Fun of Reading http://dld.bz/abfKz
Aminatta Forna wins Commonwealth writers' prize http://dld.bz/abfKp
PLI Publishes Insurance Regulation Answer Book 2011 http://dld.bz/abfKj
Sudirman Cup: India stay in hunt for quarterfinal berth http://dld.bz/abfKe
Google Touts Growth of E-book Service and Store http://dld.bz/abfKc
Amazon Hires Publishing Industry Veteran Kirshbaum To Launch New Imprint http://dld.bz/abfJW
Live Life Quotes By Roy Williams http://dld.bz/abfJM
Facebook and Twitter For Traditional Retail and Service Businesses  http://dld.bz/abfJ8
How to Select Your Message Delivery Vehicle http://dld.bz/abfJx
Leadership Notes http://dld.bz/abfJm
BNI Explains How to Conquer the Paralyzing Fear of Public Speaking http://dld.bz/abfHZ

Monday, May 23, 2011

'Cocaine, turning tricks and Christmas orgies': New book makes bombshell allegations about Disney-owned ESPN http://dld.bz/aaZzu
Will there still be a mass audience for WWII books if or when Steven Spielberg finally moves on? http://dld.bz/aaZE7
Advertising that sticks http://dld.bz/aaZzn
Olympic Gold Medalist Visits Local Swimmers http://dld.bz/aaZzj
Are you in a box or trying to go out of your box? http://dld.bz/aaZEy
A Poet's Life in the Movies http://dld.bz/aaZzc
Surviving the Killing Zone http://dld.bz/aaZyX
Is DNC Registry affecting your ability to follow up on referrals? http://dld.bz/aaZEm
Several athletes reach regionals http://dld.bz/aaZyQ
Stalin gagged Tagore's criticism of Communism http://dld.bz/aaZyt
Duo advances to regionals http://dld.bz/aaZyr
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Quercus publisher of the year at The Bookseller Industry Awards | The Bookseller http://dld.bz/aaK5s
John Q. Griffin Leaves Time Inc. http://dld.bz/aaK5n
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E-Book Systems Chosen to Create Prevention Forum Online Magazine http://dld.bz/aaK4T
China's e-book revenue from mobile devices up 14.26% in Q1 http://dld.bz/aaK4M
Create an Author Showcase Website the Media Will Love http://dld.bz/aaM2M
ABA Adds Over 100 Members; Publishers, Agents and Retailers Look to Each Other's Turf Pre-BEA http://dld.bz/aaK4E
Big Screen Entertainment Group Comic Book Adventure Movie "Sucker" Sneak Peeks on the Web http://www.zigs.me/1qz
Who Do YOU Write For? http://dld.bz/aaM2J
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A Brief Tour of the Cambodian Sex Industry http://dld.bz/aaK3p
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Travel called critical industry http://dld.bz/aaKza
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New book explores infamous 1968 W.Va. mine blast http://dld.bz/aaKy3
RM6.5b offer for Selangor water bonds? http://dld.bz/aaKyy
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Italy to promote food, literature in West Bengal http://dld.bz/aaKxT