Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just proving the benefits of ping.fm for the 5-3-1 we are teaching in our blogging webinar this evening.
I'm currently enjoying doing the blogging 101 webinars, currently I'm demonstrating how to follow the 5-3-1.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Local author spotlight http://dld.bz/hneH

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Introducing AmazonCrossing--Bringing Exceptional International Books to English-Language Readers http://dld.bz/ensd

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Survey: Seeking Book Publishing Professionals http://ping.fm/snD9c
Borders needs a new business model http://dld.bz/hnf3
Can This Tablet Make Our Industry Better? http://ping.fm/I3HlL
Blairsville Student of the Year nominees named http://ping.fm/ggsmR
Aubade Publishing Releases New Book That Recounts Nostalgic Tale of Small Town Dream http://ping.fm/vMxYU
Author explores history of jazz in new book http://dld.bz/hncn
Summer reading program starts http://dld.bz/hnbK
Fill your schedule with family activities http://dld.bz/hnaW
US Stock Futures Up On Strong China Data http://dld.bz/hmZy
Fed’s ‘Beige Book’ sees modest growth in Boston, U.S. http://ping.fm/qYcMq
Getting Tweens to Read and Review ARCs http://dld.bz/hmY9
Little, Brown Launching 'Glee' Publishing Program http://ping.fm/EkHFC
Want Your Self-Published Book in Stores? Weigh the Options http://dld.bz/hmXe
Want Your Self-Published Book in Stores? Weigh the Options http://dld.bz/hmXe

Friday, June 11, 2010

Explaining the Agency Model for E-Book Pricing in Layman’s Language http://ping.fm/vgR0X

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leading Self-Publisher Outskirts Press Partners with R. R. Bowker to Offer Private Label Single ISBNs to Self-Publishing Authors for a 20% Discount
An author's adventures in 'Anthropology' http://ping.fm/XI34t
Book Review: 'Procession' leads toward life of crime http://dld.bz/g2vr
Literary Notes http://dld.bz/g2uQ
From obscurity, suburban Houston author wrote himself to vampire-based success http://dld.bz/g2ud
First Book looks to provide books to the poor http://dld.bz/g2tE
Summer sizzle fuels debate at book expo - Bonnie Kogos http://dld.bz/g2rC
Forget Apple's iPad, Publishers Need To Worry About Tigers http://ping.fm/0amtN
The second edition http://ping.fm/ku1sU
Lit takes a hit in Hollywood http://dld.bz/g2qV
Shop appeals to tight budgets http://ping.fm/xXkBO
All Eyes on Europe's Sovereign Debt Crisis http://ping.fm/kmaSy
Scott Turow returns to original scene of crime http://dld.bz/g2qs

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Texas AG questions e-book publishers http://dld.bz/fQhe

Friday, June 4, 2010

Stardock CEO Wardell On Writing A Novel, Creating Elemental With Random House http://dld.bz/fVWr
Sony Predicts E-Books Will Overtake Printed Books In Five Years http://dld.bz/fVWb
'The Book of Obeah' Winner of Multicultural Fiction Book Award http://dld.bz/fVVR
Book Marketing Deals by Xlibris Publisher Boosts Self Published Authors Ahead of the Game http://ping.fm/2AYx2
Barnes & Noble, Hurt By Kindle, Offers Incentive http://ping.fm/iNdyP
The end of an era looms for book publishing http://dld.bz/fVUZ
"The end" for a downtown Roanoke bookshop http://dld.bz/fVUM
My Little Brother Chrisno With Authors Featured On Telethon In Roanoke, VA, June 5 http://dld.bz/fVUp
After 10-Years Of Trying A Wisconsin Mom Finally Gets Book Published http://dld.bz/fVUd
Hemet Public Library making 100 years of bestselling books available http://dld.bz/fVTZ
Two Trafford Publishing Finalists at 2010 Indie Book Awards http://dld.bz/fVTX
Head of Boutique Publisher Joins Simon & Schuster http://dld.bz/fVTT
‘Vanity’ Press Shakes Up Book Industry http://dld.bz/fVTJ
Karp Replaces Rosenthal at Simon & Schuster http://dld.bz/fVTH
UPDATE 2-Financier LeBow named Borders Group CEO http://ping.fm/2wI5K
How to get your book published to the iPad for less than $200 http://dld.bz/fVSP
Simon & Schuster hires new publisher http://dld.bz/fVSF
Google takes a page from Bing's look book http://ping.fm/dTRY9
Publishing shakeup at Simon & Schuster http://dld.bz/fVS5
Sony: ebooks to overtake print within five years http://dld.bz/fVS2
FastPencil Puts Authors on the iPad With New iBookstore Publishing Service http://dld.bz/fVSh
Owner of Free Comics Website HTMLcomics.com Faces Copyright Lawsuit http://dld.bz/fVRU
Author Solutions, Inc. Launches Spanish-Language Self-Publishing Imprint Palibrio http://dld.bz/fVRP
Publishers, author won't back down http://ping.fm/wTpKc
Rosenthal Out, Karp In at Simon & Schuster http://srph.it/cvew0E

Thursday, June 3, 2010

At Microsoft, there's a thin line between a tablet and a slate http://dld.bz/fQqQ
Jonathan Karp to Head Simon & Schuster http://ping.fm/PPTFl
Amazon 'Price Parity' Policy could be 'anti-competitive' http://dld.bz/fQqy
A Great Idea http://ping.fm/nWrti
Simon & Schuster Joins Wordnik's Smartwords Initiative http://dld.bz/fQqp
'Twilight' author to issue last of vampire series http://dld.bz/fQpU
New Cap & Trade Push; Nuclear Option; New Ed Standards http://ping.fm/er9JY
Stock futures point to opening move up after economic data http://dld.bz/fQpd
Online booksellers protest at Amazon 'price parity' move http://dld.bz/fQnY
Acclaimed Leadership Book Lends Advice of King Solomon, Wins Prestigious Award http://ping.fm/cTzJy
Two Trafford Publishing Finalists at 2010 Indie Book Awards http://dld.bz/fQny
May’s book sales hit four-year low http://ping.fm/YE1Qk
Cantos Booksellers closes shop near city market http://ping.fm/WWqWm
In response: The death of the book has been greatly exaggerated http://ping.fm/zQGn6
Book Marketing Deals by Xlibris Publisher Boosts Self Published Authors Ahead of the Game http://dld.bz/fQmQ
What's new on the list and in publishing http://ping.fm/233r1
DOT Proposes New Rules to Ease Flying Woes http://dld.bz/fQmB
CB Richard Ellis Group Inc. Ranked Highest Commercial Real Estate Services Firm in Black Book of Outsourcing http://dld.bz/fQm7
Call for Information http://dld.bz/fQm3
Paris Literary Icon Launches Prize and Magazine http://dld.bz/fQmw
E-Reader Wars Escalate: Target to Sell Kindle http://dld.bz/fQms
Borders Adds Libre e-Reader to its List http://dld.bz/fQmh
Book Bloggers Take Manhattan http://dld.bz/fQmg
BookExpo America 2010: 21,919 'Verified' Attendees at This Year's Even http://dld.bz/fQmb
OpenRoad Integrated Media, Led by Jane Friedman and Jeffrey Sharp, Backed by Kohlberg, Raises $4M – cbl http://dld.bz/fQkQ
'Vanity' Press Goes Digital http://dld.bz/fQkN
Behind the vampire: Justin Cronin — the new Stephenie Meyer (with literary cred) — on kids, Crowe and his Houston writing life http://dld.bz/fQkq
Moshi Monsters signs book deal with Penguin Group http://dld.bz/fQjx
Cantos Booksellers closed on Campbell Avenue http://dld.bz/fQjt
The picture book that killed the rainforest http://dld.bz/fQhT
Rutgers University Bookstores Offer Students Textbook Rental – And Substantial Savings http://ping.fm/4jz3o
Ebony hires new editor; CEO says 'no plans' to sell Johnson Publishing http://dld.bz/fQgW
Savvy Twitter Anipal and Self Publisher Launches First Children's Book http://dld.bz/fHFp
Jobs' book of Revelations: Apple was only months from the abyss in 1996 http://dld.bz/fHER
British book fest conquers the world http://ping.fm/HwTpR
The Great Publishing Disconnect http://ping.fm/2S62r
Publishers want universal e-books; won't cooperate to get them http://ping.fm/PrcqJ
Cape Breton author Linden MacIntyre adds two more awards to resumé http://dld.bz/fHDu
Rising Cleanup Costs and Numerous Lawsuits Rattle BP’s Investors http://ping.fm/hG6vb
Frank Miller returns to the '300' battlefield with 'Xerxes': 'I make no apologies whatsoever' http://dld.bz/fHCY
Single Magazine Seeks Well-Heeled Partners http://dld.bz/fHCV

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Texas Questions E-Book Publishers http://dld.bz/fHCJ
Marvel Children's Books Now Under Disney Management http://dld.bz/fHCp
BEA 2010: Bestselling Prose Authors Turn to Graphic Novels http://dld.bz/fHBU
At BEA, Manga Gets Down to Business http://dld.bz/fHBJ
Comics Hold Steady At Down-Sized BookExpo America 2010 http://dld.bz/fHBk
New Brunswick construction at Easton and Somerset streets continues http://dld.bz/fHBb
Textbook rentals are coming! http://dld.bz/fHAQ
Al and Tiipper to separate, future of newspapers, Fergie tells all on Oprah, Dennis Hopper, more http://dld.bz/fHAH
China's Hanwang unveils new e-book reader http://dld.bz/fHAD
The Whirlwind of Book Expo America: For the Fans http://dld.bz/fHAB
Literary Novelist Turns to Vampires and Finds Pot of Gold http://dld.bz/fHAu
E-Book Sales Stats and Survey Results from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) http://dld.bz/fHAk
Book Bloggers Take Manhattan http://dld.bz/fH9M
Save the Rainforest from Children’s Books http://dld.bz/fH9E
Jennifer Blowdryer Does BEA http://dld.bz/fH98
Comics Hold Steady At Down-Sized BookExpo America 2010 http://dld.bz/fH95
Indigo Fiscal-Year Earnings Up 14%s
Choices shape lives, Bezos tells seniors http://dld.bz/fH9q
2010 Baccalaureate remarks http://ping.fm/UT9Mi
Accusations of poaching writers result in feud http://dld.bz/fH8H
Plano resident's book chronicles city http://dld.bz/fH8C
Canadian publisher launches 1st podcast book http://ping.fm/ageNd
Job Moves: June 1, 2010 http://dld.bz/fH8g
Nonesuch Books & Cards to Open in Biddeford http://dld.bz/fH8a
'PW' Moving, No June 7 Issue http://dld.bz/fH7S
Reader's Digest Cuts Loss Despite Sales Decline http://dld.bz/fH7K
Modest Growth at Canadian Booksellers Association Event http://dld.bz/fH7F
Google Ebook Platform Begins to Take Shape http://dld.bz/fH76
Independent Booksellers Share Their Top Picks For Summer Reading http://dld.bz/fH72
App Industry Roundup: Skype updates app for 3G calls http://dld.bz/fH7m
Apple opens doors to vanity publishers http://dld.bz/fH64
History of the London International Antiquarian Book Fair - Founded in 1958 http://ping.fm/VnLDy
‘Girl’ gone wild: News Book Club reads ‘Dragon Tattoo’ http://dld.bz/fH3W
Leading Self-Publisher Outskirts Press Partners with R. R. Bowker to Offer Private Label Single ISBNs to Self-Publishing Authors for 20 Percent Discount http://dld.bz/fH3y
MacIntyre wins two Libris book awards http://dld.bz/fH3k
Canadian firms win big at Libris Awards http://dld.bz/fH2U
Rewriting the Ebook Story http://dld.bz/fH2H
Before ball, they hit books: Yardage charts are crucial tools http://dld.bz/fH2p
Book Tokens Being Used To Tough-Out The Recession http://dld.bz/fHzR
Authors on the (Far) Edge of Fame http://dld.bz/fHyB
Breaking the Ice With Pints and Poetry http://dld.bz/fHyv

Monday, May 31, 2010

Experts: Texas textbooks are unlikely to spread http://dld.bz/f6h6
Amazon Vs. Apple Be Damned: Publishers Pine For A Universal E-Book Format http://dld.bz/f6hx
Publish your own ebooks with Apple via iBookstore http://dld.bz/f5Hh
Texas Publisher E.P. Publishing Joins RAINN, the Nation's Largest Anti-Sexual Assault Organization, in the Fight Against Sexual Assault http://dld.bz/f5Hd
Writing a Best Selling Book http://dld.bz/f5GX
Hay Festival founder is sure books' future secure http://dld.bz/f53h
Nepal Education Fair 2010 from June 3 http://dld.bz/f5xj
North America’s Oldest Gay Bookstore Struggles to Avoid Closure http://dld.bz/f5xd
Counting Gains of Nigerian Authors in Democracy http://dld.bz/f5n6
Melissa Klug and the Permanence Matters Initiative http://dld.bz/f5nz
New book reflects on Tibet riots http://dld.bz/f5nw
News Briefs: Week of 5/31/10 http://dld.bz/f5nj
SAvannah Booksigning http://ping.fm/0IZHm
Questions About the Gulf http://dld.bz/f5mG
Authors tell story of Canada's illustrated children's books: http://dld.bz/f5kN
BEA 2010: Short but Sweet http://dld.bz/f5kK
The iPad Makes Its Presence Felt http://dld.bz/f5k8
E-Book Piracy & the iPad: Reality Check http://dld.bz/f5ku
Education fair in the offing http://dld.bz/f5ke
Is the book dead? http://ping.fm/xSR1L
Author Hopes New Book Helps Fight Poaching http://dld.bz/f5jC
CHIMAIRA To Release 'Guitar Collection Vol. 1' Guitar Tab Book - May 30, 2010 http://dld.bz/f5jn
First-Ever Guitar Tab Book Coming Next Month - May 30, 2010 http://ping.fm/AQu3A
Bush, Blair, and Bartiromo Coming this Fall http://srph.it/dcAVnT
McGinniss is just doing his job, Sarah http://dld.bz/f5gT
While America Aged by Roger Lowenstein http://dld.bz/f5gK
Good E-Reader Week in Review May 23 – 29 2010 http://dld.bz/f5g5
USA Today Bestsellers http://dld.bz/f5gp
Campagna writes hybrid of a book http://dld.bz/f5fU
Jon Stewart celebrates book publishing at BookExpo America http://dld.bz/f5fK
Check Out Roy H. Williams discussion about the title for my upcoming book http://dld.bz/f5ae Roy's analysis is spot on.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Deepwater Horizon oil spill revealed an industry ill-prepared to deal with 'black swan' event http://dld.bz/eGAr
An Interview With Boyd Morrison, Author of The Ark http://dld.bz/eG9W
Vermont Book Notes http://dld.bz/eG9R
Sehome grad co-authors business book about serving the greater good http://dld.bz/eG9Q
Ghostwriting and the political book culture http://dld.bz/eG9N
Poets launch publishing company http://dld.bz/eG9h
Book review: ‘Fortuna’ http://dld.bz/eG89
More benefits to digital self publishing http://dld.bz/eG88
Book review: 'Bottled & Sold,' by Peter Gleick http://dld.bz/eG8r
Book review | Stieg Larsson’s ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest’ http://dld.bz/eG8n
Literary Notes http://dld.bz/eG8g
A mix of magic and chance http://dld.bz/eG8e
Infinity Publishing Launches eBook Initiative http://dld.bz/eG8a
Decades-old book on auto industry brings into focus cars' economic impact http://dld.bz/eG7W
http://dld.bz/eG57 http://dld.bz/eG5D
Borders Gets $25 Million in Private Sale Making LeBow Chairman http://dld.bz/eG57
eBooks Have Resurrected the Printed Book http://dld.bz/eG55
The education of John Waters http://dld.bz/eG5p
Borders gets new investor, chairman http://dld.bz/eG5j
Upended by eBooks: Is This the Last Chapter for the Book Business? http://dld.bz/eG4T
'Tinkers' Continues to Defy Expectations http://dld.bz/eG4M
Folio Unveils Children's Book Division http://dld.bz/eG4J
ECW Press Launches E-book Imprint with Online Literary Magazine http://dld.bz/eG43
Results Dip at Books-A-Million http://dld.bz/eG4u
Results Dip at Books-A-Million http://dld.bz/eG4u
Borders Gets New Investment, Chairman http://dld.bz/eG4n
Welcome to the NetGalley BEA BUZZ Page! http://dld.bz/eG3Z

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barbara Hoffert picks authors to stalk and galleys to grab at BookExpo America 2010 http://dld.bz/eG3Y
Books-A-Million, Inc. Announces First Quarter Results http://dld.bz/eG3t
UPDATE 2-LeBow overtakes Ackman as Borders' top shareholder http://dld.bz/eG2V
Financier invests in Borders, becomes chairman http://dld.bz/eG2C
Financier invests in Borders, becomes chairman http://dld.bz/eG2C
Ann Patchett On Her Love For A Little Bookstore In Petoskey, Michigan http://dld.bz/eG2k
Infinity Publishing Launches eBook Initiative http://dld.bz/eG2c
Amazon's foreign publishing push: A customer data play http://ping.fm/LslSx
2010 Indie Book Award Winners Announced http://dld.bz/eGzT
Voice of Choice to Attend 2010 Audio Publishers Association Conference in New York City http://dld.bz/eGz4
Barnes & Noble Announces Online Self Publishing Service http://dld.bz/eGz3
Jindal getting paid for book deal http://dld.bz/eGzy
2010 Indie Book Award Winners Announced http://dld.bz/eGzu
Borders markets its Kobo e-reader http://dld.bz/eGzp
BookExpo America 2010: American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression Celebrates 20 Years http://dld.bz/eGzm
Weekend activites for the whole family http://dld.bz/eGza
DYLAN DAYS Schedule http://dld.bz/eGyZ
The Go-Go's Jane Wiedlin is 'Lady Robotika' in New Comic Book Series http://dld.bz/eGyQ
Dynamic Announces Management Changes and Option Grants http://dld.bz/eGyN
B&N's Self-Publishing Service PubIt! Could Upend the Industry -- but Only If the Price Is Right http://dld.bz/eGyK
E-Books Rewrite Bookselling http://dld.bz/eGyC
Fifobooks, Smashwords & Lulu Authors Publish eBooks On Kindle & iPads In Minutes http://dld.bz/eGy7
The iPad Revolution http://dld.bz/eGyr
Words Worth Books staffer wins inaugural Young Bookseller of the Year Award http://dld.bz/eGyk
Borders meeting focuses on digital strategy http://dld.bz/eGyb
Independent booksellers still stinging over Hornet's Nest fiasco http://dld.bz/eGxZ
The iPad as a comic-book reader http://dld.bz/eGxN
LibreDigital Expands Executive Management Team to Support Growing Demand for e-Books http://dld.bz/eGxD
Mobile phones now put children's books in your pocket http://dld.bz/eGx8
Ingram’s Lightning Source Expands Products and Services http://dld.bz/eGx3
BookMasters Offers Self-Publishing Services http://dld.bz/eGx2
LibreDigital Gets $8.1 Million in Venture Capital Investment http://dld.bz/eGwN
AAP, BISG Unite for New Statistics Program http://dld.bz/eGwK
iPad Developer Sideways to Launch at BEA http://dld.bz/eGw5
Reloaded: New Press to Publish New Title from Controversial Author Michael Bellesiles http://dld.bz/eGw2
Sesame Street Starts Subscription Model for E-Books http://dld.bz/eGws

Friday, May 21, 2010

Laureate lets teen poets enjoy spotlight http://dld.bz/e2TC
Manhwa industry declines, but movies are hits http://dld.bz/e2Tx
Jindal starts getting paid for book deal http://dld.bz/e2Tr
Why Trafford Publishing Services Can Make A New Book Better http://dld.bz/e2SM
Barnes & Noble to Launch E-Book Self-Publishing Service PubIt http://srph.it/ba4MzP

Thursday, May 20, 2010

HP Transforms Walmart Photo Departments Nationwide with "Prints in Minutes" Service and Advanced Creative Tools for Customers http://dld.bz/euhY
LibreDigital Secures $8.1 Million in Funding to Accelerate Delivery of e-Books http://dld.bz/euhV
Buying Books in Canada http://dld.bz/euhP
Two new books explore the liberal tradition from the right and the left http://dld.bz/euh5
PubIt : B&N’s publishing service for aspiring authors http://dld.bz/euhy
New Canadian Book Publisher Supports Diversity and Free Expression http://dld.bz/eugX
Association of Independent Authors Gives Serious Voice to Self-Published Authors http://dld.bz/eugT
Emma Watson May Be a Wallflower, Spitzer Doc Picked Up http://dld.bz/eugP
Book raps oil industry, authorities http://dld.bz/eufU
Worldcolor chooses SigmaLine, Muller Martini's book manufacturing solution http://dld.bz/eufJ
Amazon Expands Book Publishing Business http://dld.bz/eufc
BookExpo America 2010: Busman's Holiday http://dld.bz/eudG
Star Trek Partners with S&S, Pocket, Abrams, and Haynes http://dld.bz/eudy
Hachette Signs With RoyaltyShare to Manage Backend Digital Sales http://dld.bz/eudr
Barnes & Noble to Offer Digital Self-Publishing http://dld.bz/eudb
Amazon Launches Translation Imprint, AmazonCrossing http://dld.bz/eucR
Arrest Ordered in Christian Book Copyright Infringement http://dld.bz/eucm
Barnes And Noble's Nook and Pubit: A Self-Publisher's Heaven http://dld.bz/eucb
Waterstone's and Barnes & Noble Tilt Toward the Screen http://dld.bz/eubm
2010 National Indie Excellence Award Judging Complete: The Biggest Challenge Yet! http://dld.bz/euba=
SIRIUS XM's Book Radio Channel Broadcasts from 'BookExpo America' http://dld.bz/euaS
Awkward Family Photos go from blog to book http://dld.bz/euaK
Hollywood Names Internet's Most "Notorious" File-Swapping Sites http://dld.bz/euaA
'Glenn Beck': The Roots of Social Justice http://dld.bz/euan
Pirate Bay on MPAA, RIAA most 'notorious' list http://dld.bz/euab
Barnes & Noble launching PubIt self-publishing platform this summer http://dld.bz/etZJ
LibreDigital Gets $8.1 Million for E-book Publishing Services http://dld.bz/etZs
Paperback book publisher extends printing contract with Worldcolor http://dld.bz/etYV
Barnes & Noble Unveil PubIt! Digital Self-Publishing Service [PubIt! Digital Publishing Service From Barnes & Noble Coming This Summer] http://dld.bz/etYG
Barnes & Noble Unveil PubIt! Digital Self-Publishing Service [PubIt! Digital Publishing Service From Barnes & Noble Coming This Summer] http://dld.bz/etYG
LibreDigital lands $8.1 million more for e-publishing service http://dld.bz/etY2
SkillSoft Announces Perspectives 2010 Award Winners http://dld.bz/etYw
Air France Defends Record After Book Questions Airline’s Safety http://dld.bz/etYk
GameLife Your Source for Gaming News Since 20XXNintendo Magic Book Tells (Partial) History of Wii http://dld.bz/enve

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Informatica Releases First-Ever Book on Lean Integration http://dld.bz/enuZ
China Think Tank: 2010 Retail Sales To Exceed CNY15 Tln http://dld.bz/enuP
ETFs Bearing Brunt of May 6 Drop Shows Hedging Worsened Losses http://dld.bz/enuD
Trade wishlist aired at BIC http://dld.bz/enu3
Lonely Planet launches site for booksellers http://dld.bz/enur
Man accused in Harvard fraud could get book deal [VIDEO] http://dld.bz/enug
Amazon publishes translated foreign-language books http://dld.bz/entY
Outskirts Press Reveals Top 10 Best Selling Books in Self Publishing for April 2010 http://dld.bz/ensR
BA signs up with Google for Editions programmer http://dld.bz/ensD
Daily Telegraph to launch book club http://dld.bz/ensA
why authors need to prepare for the e-book era http://dld.bz/ens5
Shetterly to read at Farmington library http://dld.bz/ensg
Amazon Gets Deeper Into Publishing; That Kindle Android App Is Ready http://dld.bz/enrW
Holly Black and Sarah Rees Brennan to be at Joseph Beth Booksellers tomorrow http://dld.bz/enrP
Yahoo buys user-generated publisher http://dld.bz/enrA
A messy end for Tim Donaghy and his publisher http://dld.bz/enr4
Tim Pawlenty, scribe, board member http://dld.bz/enrn
Amazon Branches Out with Publishing Arm http://dld.bz/enqJ
King Printing Turbocharges Its Book Printing Services with New KODAK PROSPER 1000 Press http://dld.bz/enq7
Authors on the Air: 'Teaching the Pig to Dance'; 'The Profiler'; 'The Rational Optimist' http://dld.bz/enq3
The PW Morning Report: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 http://dld.bz/enqx
Job Moves: May 18, 2010 http://dld.bz/enpN
'Blanket of Stars' Offers Different Look At Homeless Women http://dld.bz/enp2
Chelsea Green Partners with Scribd on Oil Spill Book http://dld.bz/enpt
S&S's MTV Books to Release 'Jersey Shore' Tie-In http://dld.bz/enpm
Kindle for Android Coming this Summer http://dld.bz/enpb
Barnes & Noble Adds CDs, DVDs to Marketplace http://dld.bz/ennY
All Literature is Gossip http://dld.bz/efVP
Strategy of the giants 'light years' from the book trade http://dld.bz/efVJ
RR Donnelley Awarded Multi-Year Multi-Million Dollar Agreement by Workman Publishing Company http://dld.bz/efV4
Hachette Book Group Selects RoyaltyShare to Manage eBook Transaction Data http://dld.bz/efVp
Supermarkets raised discount less than other retailers, BIC told http://dld.bz/efVh
Obamas put a price on puppy love: $1,600 http://dld.bz/efUW
Outskirts Press Reveals Top 10 Best Selling Books in Self Publishing for April 2010 http://dld.bz/efUP
Half of UK consumers buy books online http://dld.bz/efUE
Literature News http://dld.bz/efU7
Hear hear! Local narrators are finalists for audiobook 'Oscars' http://dld.bz/efUv
Kagan Favors Book Bans and Limiting Political Speech http://dld.bz/efUk
Local books: History of a famous neighborhood, a bicycle odyssey http://dld.bz/efUd
Gefen Publishing House of Jerusalem is the Fastest Growing Jewish/Zionist Book Publisher in the World http://dld.bz/efTK
Used to it St. Croix Antiquarian celebrates 20 years of used book sales — hanging on through tough times http://dld.bz/efTA
Is the iPad Driving E-Book Piracy, and Does It Matter? http://dld.bz/efTw
Hanwang, Chongqing Publishing Group to set up e-book base http://dld.bz/efTj
Indigo denies defying embargo on The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest http://dld.bz/efSV
Morgantown Booksellers React to WVU Rental Program http://dld.bz/efRU
In Yiddish Author’s Papers, Potential Gold http://ping.fm/eDsKV
Treasurys Jumpy As Investors Book Profits; Euro Zone In Focus http://dld.bz/efRu
Cannes You Dig It? The Film Industry Champions Joint International Effort http://dld.bz/efQH

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Indie booksellers lose out on latest Larsson blockbuster http://dld.bz/efQB
HP Powers Digital Transformation of Commercial Printing Firm Consolidated Graphics with HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press http://dld.bz/efQy
Reinventing Book Publishing: Building Real Communities, And Only Holding Rights For Three Years http://dld.bz/efQq
New Books to Look Forward To http://dld.bz/efPX
Texas Text Book Changes Will Deepen Divides http://dld.bz/efP2
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Christian publisher Zondervan finds iPad a great way for children to experience books http://dld.bz/dW6E
Roger Ebert Writing Memoir http://dld.bz/dW6r
China Mobile Launches Online e-Reader Platform Including e-Book Store http://dld.bz/dW5E
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Retired engineer showcases impact of America's machine tool industry http://dld.bz/dW4Z
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Roger Ebert wants to keep book under wraps http://dld.bz/dWz7
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'The Finger' by Angus Trumble http://dld.bz/dWzy
Container gardens for vegetables are growing in popularity http://dld.bz/dWzt
'Five hundred books. . . sold' http://dld.bz/dWzn
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$$ foul on ref's book http://dld.bz/dWx6
Tar Balls Have Started Washing Ashore’ http://dld.bz/dWw9
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