Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do you think Oprah will ever notice your book?
Are you using big events to gain referrals?
What could your competitor do that would make you want to beat yourself senseless for not doing it first?
GBA declares "God's Creation & Teaching" as their holy book
White Mountains Reports Adjusted Book Value Per Share of $448
Tahmima Anam's 2nd Book' The Good Muslim' to be Out
Bookcalendar events for the week of July 31, 2011
Much Ado About Nothing? Publishers Buzz Over Untitled Book With Anonymous Author
Do you bring lunch to your potential prospects?
Call to overhaul Wivenhoe rule book
Book Report: Look at history this week: American and Spanish
Slaughterhouse-Five banned by US school
Tiger Woods could take a page from Tree Tremont's book
Lady Gaga To Release Photo Book
How many times do I need to change my Ads for it to be effective?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Prince Harry gets the comic-book treatment
'Horrid Henry,' the popular UK book series, gets big screen treatment with 3D film
Lancashire to move domicile to UK
Be a Business-Process Expert
UK Indies Get German Invite
Getting your book noticed by Oprah producers
Gazillion's Fiden: Gaming's Shift From Products To Services 'Cannot Be Overstated'
New Free Business Plans
Singapore Services Sector Optimistic About Business Prospects
Six Traps That Wreck Established Businesses
Allured Business Media makes donation to help Humanitarian Service Project's ...
Using Events to Gain Referrals
American Book Publishing- Website - Salt Lake City, Utah | Facebook
Book Publishing, The Learning Curve. | Pink Honey suckle on Xanga
National Book Week 2011 | Just Curious
Results Fall At Harlequin As Print Declines Exceed Digital Gains ...
Vanity Press (Podcast) << Christine Rose
Should We Do This—or Not?
Industry News: Paperbacks available more quickly, cuts in LA Times ...
ATG Hot Topic of the Week: "Treat a Book Like a Start-Up? Only By ...
Tokyo International Book Fair: What It Is and Isn't | Publishing...
Thad McIlroy – Future Of Publishing>> Hulu and the Future of ...
Giving New Meaning to "The Power Lunch"
Negaso and EPRDF: The Inside Story (E. Nega) << Ethiopia: A voice ...
Guest Post: Rosemary on the Triumphs and ...- AMACOM Books Blog
Wired: "The iPad Could Revolutionize the Comic BookBiz—or Destroy ...
Is Apple About to Lose its Gatekeeper Status?
People-watching helps spark prize-winning collection
How Often Should I Change My Ads?
About Books: Buckeye state has political importance on Election Day
Aquafadas launches iPad mag and book design tools for In Design
Lady Gaga collaborates on photo book
Do we need another book about Madoff?
Comics, Digital Delivery and a Few Movies Rule Comic-Con 2011
The Oprah Factor
Success the old fashioned way...
Internet marketing should be an arena of synthesis
Do you have a plan when you go to a networking event?
Do you know that benefits and royalties of having a book?
The road to success is boring?
Experts and specialists are overwhelming...
What to do in a networking event
How much do you love your book?
Do you know what Social capital is?
Why is the basics for an author's success is boring?
Are you just focusing on a specific problem that you don't see the real problem?
Do you sell in a Networking Event?
Are you glad that your book has been a part of your life?
What successful networking is all about...
Is there an easy way to develop your skills as an author?
The Problem with Experts and Specialists

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you know that Golden Rule of Networking?
How much would you bargain for your book?
Bill Mandates Publishing Agency Reports to Congress
Publisher, teacher, minister, poet reflects on past decades in latest book
Publishing in the digital age
Supernatural tale lands publishing deal
ASD Publishing Acquires Digital Rights to Novel Song of the Orange Moons
Did you know that Social capital is built by design, not chance?
PCP signs publishing deal with ICAEW
Quark Publishing System 9 launched
Ashford Publishing Is Proud To Announce Marilynn E. Doenges' Radio Show 7/28
Excel departs from publishing with new promotional merchandising offer
Woman due in Ferndale court on embezzlement charges
The Search for That Pesky Magic Pill
Why Should the Journal of Clinical Microbiology Apologize for Publishing a ...
Liam Sharp launches publishing project at Comic-Con
The continuing evolution of book publishing
Hanlan's Point writes new chapter on self-publishing
Black Voice News Celebrates 39 Years of Publishing
Specialists, Experts, Gurus, and Other Marketing Problems
Alfred Goodyear III; Former Palisadian, Publishing Executive
Mygazines Launches App-Free Interactive Publishing Tools for Any Device
New Global Health Delivery Curricula Available at No Cost to Educators and ...
Kaiapoi story irks Earthquake Recovery Minister
Congratulations on publishing letters in support of wind turbines
Shall I Go to a Birthday Party, a Wedding, or a Networking Event?
Electronic publishing changing the face of libraries
New Release from Bradford Publishing Co.—A Unique Book on Colorado Community ...
Paul Cheal promoted to digital publishing director at IPC Media
Clippings ruling could derail much online publishing, says expert
Zumobi Adds VP of Sales and Director of Publishing Partnerships to Executive ...
Benefits & Royalties of Having a Book
Federated Media Publishing Hires Michael Gutkowski as Executive Vice President ...
After completing your book, what's next?
How do you evaluate your system for your website?
How precise is your networking?
Are you putting your buyers to sleep with your ads/
Are you ready for your book interview?
New Author: Have you realized that there is so much to do?
How important is tracking for your website?
Is your networking precise?
Is your ads boring?
Do you have a system for your book interview?
Is your site converting visitors to sales?
Do you do precise networking?
How boring can your ads be?
How to pass a book interview
when passion becomes work in your writing

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harper signs book of condolences at Norwegian embassy
Bajrang Lal targets World Rowing to book Olympic berth
ESPN book aiming for big-screen movie
Man Booker Prize 2011: Alan Hollinghurst favourite to win
Denise Richards adopts daughter and promotes new book
Are you tracking your site visits?
Book on Beltran, "New Mets" closing
Katie Price to challenge books record
Big dog, big book deal
Beach books for investors interested in the classics
Book Review: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Laser-Sharp Networking
Republic school district bans 2 books after complaint about content, keeps 1 book
Rangers' 20-6 win dents record book
3 Choices for Netfix Investors: Book Profits, Short the Stock or Go Long Faith ...
Improved Explanations Seen as Extending Knowledge
Google Book App Reappears In Itunes
Why Most Ads Put Us to Sleep
On the Books July 26: Casey Anthony book gets cover (already), Madrid is ...
Book profit in Maruti Suzuki: Somil Mehta
'Captain America' Comic Book& Movie Comparison Guide
Telegraph Media Group ordered to pay damages over Lynn Barber book review
Reporter who broke Murdoch scandal gets book deal
Now Available: Michael Allen's Latest Book: Successful e-Learning Interface
Boopsie and Cover Cake Simplify Mobile Discovery of Books Covered by Pop Media
BHEL - Revised in Book Closure
What's your favorite fantasy series adaptation?
Obama signs condolence book at Norwegian embassy
Smells Like Work
Will Casey Anthony's Book Help Change What You Think Of Her?
Newcastle opens bookof condolence for Norway
Journlist signs bookdeal on phone-hacking story
Bid for some Borders bookstores falls through | Philadelphia Inquirer | 2011 ...
Two Things To Discover This Morning: New Clams Casino Track ...
The Ideal Tracking System
Surrounded with sticky notes and getting your book inspiration
Do you know your core value as a publisher?
Couple's superhero book series teaches kids about healthy eating
Professor¹s Passion for Texas History Evident in Award-Winning Book
As stores die, so does book culture
Downloads draw buyers back to bookstores
Book Review: Amitabh Lexicon
Six Types of Networking Group to choose from

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

High school girl accurately predicts exam papers: Book
E-books increasing consumer base in Korea
Last Chance to Book! Hotels Selling out for CuraƧao North Sea Jazz Festival ...
Dance with Dragons: fifth Ice and Fire book released
Book lovers mourn Borders closure
Refugee book scoops awards
Book is opened for Norway victims
Apple enforcing eReader restrictions, Google Books no longer available to iOS
Norway embassy, consulates open condolence books after Oslo attacks
Roos says Lloyd went too far in book
Do you know the fastest way to promote yourself and your book?
Printing and Publishing News Global Printing and Publishing News ...
China's Top Ten publishing houses, newspaper ... - China Media News
Frankfurt International Book Fair Deadline Approaching Soon ...
Vacation Bible School 2011: It's Panda Mania!
When the dance is over: Five more fantasy series for your consideration
What makes you tick as an author?
Good e-Reader Radio Show - Amazon Textbooks, Kindle Graph and HP TouchPad
Knowing why is important
A Platform Emerges for British Muslim Writers
"Prisoner Gazette" Published from Behind Bars
On The Ladder: Kelly Sabetta
What is your core value as an author?
Midlandia Press Announces Michael Scotto as its First Author
Free weekly newspaper to be launched in Aberdeen
True Crime Writer Ponders Career Change in eBook World
Serif launches Complete Graphics Studio DrawPlus X5
Hitting campuses with all the right moves
Want to Join a Networking Group?
Writers retreat offers 4 steps to literary success
SIDMOUTH: Jurassic Coast Arches Interpretation Centre opens its doors in Sidmouth
IMF urges Washington to resolve debt standoff
Adobe shuts InMarket and AIR Marketplace
Universal Moves to Save Ailing Motown and Def Jam
Timing Isn’t Everything—But It Helps
Digital Home resumes publishing August 9th: Digital Forums still open!
Casual Male DXL Prints Color In-Store Signs with AccessVia Web dSignShop
Ashford Publishing is Proud to Announce The Honorable Judge Tim Fambrough's ...
The madness of crowds? Crowd-sourcing publishing..
Educate Yourself about the Media
First Edition Design eBook Publishing Launches UK Division
Do you know your book's potential?
Are you ignoring "Usability" for your website?
Are you measuring your networking success?
No one wants to be average. But everyone wants to be normal.
J Street, the book—expect more controversy
Knights, Lloyd trade 'blows' over book
Traditional Media for Small Business (brick and mortar) « Sioux ...
Publishing Industry News- She Writes

Monday, July 25, 2011

Petfood Industryuses WATT eLearning portal
Do you know who to contact so you can promote your book?
Financial Technology - INDUSTRY NEWS
Revealed: How Piers's Mirror got Ulrika scoop, pissing off NoW and the Mail
2011 Eisners: 'Wilson', 'Return of the Dapper Men' Tie for Best Graphic Album!
'Game-n-Book' Tactics Anthem is the First Singapore Combo-product to Debut in ...
Literature as a means of political manipulation in Turkey
Are you thinking BIG about your book?
Novel notes from a scribe
Children's Fiction: How to avoid being eaten, and other life lessons
Saving the Novel Through Crowdfunding
Flinging fowl: Angry Birds score a 'coo' with gamers
An independent bookstore that is surviving
“Usability.” It’s the big buzzword these days.
'We're crying with you': Hundreds mourn Norway terror attacks
For 'The Last Werewolf,' Glen Duncan mixes humor and horror deliciously
Authors Have 'Dream Realized' With First Novel Published
Is Your Referral Networking—Working?
Broken Arrow student publishes book
Interview: Robert Rankin
Pietru Pawl Castagna and his quaint Maltese book
Phone-hacking scandal: News Corp's Rupert Murdoch braces for US legal battle
Kindle Store will Sell Harry Potter Bookswith Pottermore
Are You Willing to be Weird?
Dag swimmer's essay included in book
Photo Gallery: 23rd Annual Kidz 'N Kastles Sandcastle Competition
University City is home to children's bookauthor
In pursuit of Supreme Leader's statements-1
BookNotes: Jance lands at Auntie's for reading of 'Betrayal'
Finding Who to Contact
Sometimes conspiracies are real
Campbell Brown to write a book
BOOKREVIEW: Even death can't slow a good PI
CCI: Creator Owned Panel with Robert Kirkman
Meriden Library Renames Children's Wing After Tomie DePaola
Potential Energy
Does demise of Borders signal a grim future for bookindustry - and booklovers?
SDCC '11 | Fantagraphics to publishComplete Zap Comix
Storybook ending to CEO career
Talk is cheap – for festival organisers
Fantagraphics BooksZAP Comix
A Land Beyond Usability

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making a Market Survey for your publisher's disposal
Are you asking a genuine question as an author?
Relationship-building courses have yet to become a business school requirement.
Did you know that the price of making a powerful statement is cheap?
An Online Site Dedicated to Market and Sell Self-Published Books
Self Publishing: Friend Or Foe?
Several promoted to top positions at The Star Democrat; Riley to serve as ...
Next Gen Publishing launches Popular Science India
Be a source for the media
Google News Gets Plus-like Redesign
The media week that was
Private Phone Talks Banned from News
Blogs to Books, The Road to Publication
Macmillan Fined Over Africa Contracts Fraud
Creating a Competition Survey for your publisher

Friday, July 22, 2011

Local Author Releases New Children's Book
News on News, an Ironic Turn of Events - Equity Research on News Corporation ...
Long-time Scripture Publisher Committed to Touching Lives
Kindle: Changing Textbooks, Saving Newspapers
Jim Edwards of Spry Publishing Joins Vistage Michigan
Are you asking the right question as an author?
The death of publishing: Where are Tokyo's English magazines now?
SDCC '11 | The Crow returns at IDW
Future Publishing To Offload Famous AV Mags Like HCC & Hifi Choice
Harper Government Supports Canadian Book Publishers
Interview with F+W Media's Chuck Sambuchino
Why We Need to Teach Networking
Islamic publishing house flourishes in US
Blizzard publishing Diablo lore book
Robert Kregel Leaves Legacy on Christian Publishing Industry
Bookmarks - Words of encouragement for booksellers
US Muslim Publishing House's Success Story
How to Buy Word-of-Mouth
The Readers' Writers: Interview with indie author Angela Carlie
IDW Publishing Announces New Title Baja at Comic-Con 2011
Christian author questions Murdoch's ties to Bible publisher amid ethics storm
It’s All About News
Popeye the Sailor lands own comic book series from IDW Publishing, first issue ...
Poetry now part of publishing record
Home-grown movie history
Last year, China's press and publication industry growth rate of ...
Ingersoll Rand Launches Trane High Performance Buildings
Research and Sell
BMA plans to add more staff with extension of capital model for Class 3A insurers
Wal-Mart to enter local grocery wars
Borders Books Liquidation Causes Massive Sale: Everything Must Go
12 Low-Debt Dividend Stocks Undervalued by Target Price
Ask and You Shall Receive—–a Cheese Grater

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marketing Seth Godin: Video Q&A with The Domino Project's Amber ...
Is your book ready?
Using Technology to Write about Technology | Sazbean
Lion shows the way in electronic publishing: Books, music ...
Christian Fiction Going Strong
Robot 6 Q&A | Andrew Contant transforms the werewolf myth in Torn
CCI: Menton3 Raises "Monocyte"
Did you know that Businesses don’t fail due to reaching the wrong people?
CleanSlate2011: iPads, Tablets and the App'lification of Consumer Tech
Tweets say goodbye to Borders
The Globe and Mail
The Colbet Report Finds Fracking Signs in Talisman's Stakeholder Engagement
MEDIA AND SOCIETY:Celebration and reflection
Creating a Market Survey for your book
Lloyd Helmreich, 97, captures memories in his first book
Borders, Sun-Times moves: Turning pages in the increasingly digital era
Book sales support Japanese relief effort
Amid TV, Film, Comics Underpin Annual Comic-Con
Ombudsman Criticizes ESPN's Rules in Review of Reporter's Book
After printing your book, what now?
Tunisian bookstore sees demand rise for revolutionary and Islamist publications
HOW TO: Self Publish Your Book with Amazon's CreateSpace
A free market for books
Rupert Murdoch dug his talons into Elvis Presley
Are there phone hackers at HarperCollins?
The G.A.I.N.S. Approach to Networking
interactBooks Hosts Contest for Best Children's Interactive E-Books
Ars Technica OS X Lion review e-book, PDF available
Six by 6 | Six Xeric Foundation grant recipients we love
Gollancz opens sci-fi Gateway to e-books
The International Christian Retail Show: New Ways of Doing Business
6 Signs That Your Writing Isn’t Finished Yet
PM might cop it for Nixon's book launch
Independent New York Book Publisher Will Begin Producing Movies
Borders Closure is Green Light for Bookstore Innovation
Amazon Launches Kindle Textbook Rental
Supreme Leader Encourages Iranian Nation to Double Attention to Book Reading
What Are You Offering?
Stan Lee is more in tune with technology than your mom
GeneXus USA CEO Dane Drotts Helps Chicago TechWeek Attendees ...
Work With What You've Got
Michael Drew | Zig Zag Principle
The Reference Desk: Meville's Literary ... - Market News and Analysis
Survey, Then Sell
Photography for Beginners – new App out now! | Imagine Publishing ...
The Hot Seat: Paul Piticco
On the Call: Gannett Chairman and CEO Craig Dubow
Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Converse Opens A Free Recording Studio in ...
Bringing Home Baby Book

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do you push buyers to what you want and how you want to buy?
Climate sceptic Lord Monckton told he's not member of House of Lords
Reader's Digest puts itself up for sale for $1bn
eBook revolution upends a publishing course
CyberMedia is India's top B2B publisher
Copyright as cultural notion
‘True’ Branding
Xeric Foundation ends cartoonist grants
Do we need an alternative to peer-reviewed journals?
Lolapps Merges With Social Game Publisher 6waves
Julia Cheiffetz Named Editorial Director at Amazon's New York Office
RockYou® Launches Studio Partners to Publish Innovative Social Games
Speaking and Appearances to Promote Your Book
No Surprise: Print Media Continues to Drag Down Gannett
SA iPad newspaper a 'saviour'
Regional newspaper's turnover drops from €3.9m to €2m over one year
WANTED: Linda Renee Harris, sought for felony uttering and publishing
Technology Review's India edition bags Asian Publishing honour
Help! I’ve Pitched to a Ton of Bloggers—and No Response!
Future Publishing to cut 100 jobs in Bath and worldwide
GENWI/iSites Debuts Fully Customizable iPad App Creation and Management Solution
TigerSpike raises $11m for mobile publishing platform growth
Future Publishing announces job cuts
Guber tussle: Akpabio, Akpanudoedehe know fate today
I Can’t Sell—and I don’t Like Cold Calling!
Merit Publishing Wins Hermann Kesten Medal for supporting freedom of expression
Tarascon Publishing Announces New Title in Pocketbook Series: Hospital ...
Franklin's Publishing Company Sued Over Royalties
RockYou Launches Studio Partners Social Publishing Program
Tribune Media Group's publisher adds title of CEO of parent Tribune Co.'s ...
The Way Customers Want to Buy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Are you spending too much on your book?
“Why would you give your novel away?” The short answer is….
Check it Out: Check out library, book on librarians
Book of Mormon' Tony winner Nikki M. James has Broadway buzzing after show-shopping performances
Captive elephants to get RC books
Summer is made for books, and this lineup is stacked
14th Annual Comic Book Show comes to Salem Civic Center
What stimuli is needed in advertising?
The politics of energy
Students Get Up Close And Personal With Rare Books
Leach book about football, life -- and Tech split
Book review: 'Untold Story' by Monica Ali
UF professor writes book about his most famous case
Six ways to foster solid relationships with clients
Altaf Hussain's book' My Life's Journey' launched
White House holds fire on deathbed book claims
Russell Williams book spellbinding
The Real Rupert Murdoch Exposed
What media companies can learn from the book industry
Is Your Marketing Success Limited?
What media companies can learn from the book industry| Tech News
Buncombe librarian's weekly book pick for kids
Students make dairy industry ties through program
Moshtix founder hails cab system
Yacht chef's book chronicles her travels with the rich and famous
You Gotta Get Out More
Bob Lutz gives a firsthand look at GM's decline
Blood pressure clinics planned
The Philippines: the world's hot line
Banks ramping up use of mobile technology
Free Christian Book Publishing websites