Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Books-A-Million, Inc. Announces Management Promotions
Grant Morrison Reinvents Superman, Can He Rescue DC Comics?
IAR's Comic Book Corner: Brandon Thomas talks 'The Many Adventures of Miranda ...
Tom Peters - Excellence Then, Excellence Now
OFT decision on Amazon merger due Friday
How do you ensure a reader engages with the text on your Web pages?
Borders liquidation expected to boost Barnes & Noble by up to $200 million
How DC Comics Hopes to Use New Stories to Hook New Readers
Children's book weighs heavily on health gurus
David Bowie's "Space Oddity" Turned into Children's Book
Ilchi Lee Book Launch Inspires Sedona Crowd
Improving your networking skills with high-EQ
Leigh Montville talks Evel Knievel book
Professor writes book challenging man-made global warming beliefs
Mukherjee 'delighted' his book among top 100 best non-fiction
Book on YSR released, several Cong leaders attend launch
Tuned in again, MP no longer singing the blues
Do You Really Want to Know What Your Employees Think?
Game Releases Book to Tell Story of Long-Delayed 'RED Album'
Kashmir book festival cancelled amid fears of violence
Meath town seeks return of Book of Kells
Germany's Loew 'unhappy' over book, but Lahm stays captain
Authors in play to close Edinburgh Book Festival
Do You Really Want to Know What Your Employees Think?
Kelley Blue Book Picks SAS(R) Analytics, Turns Big Data into Big Value
Publishers snub Quinn's school book prices plea
Dirtbag Casey Anthony Prosecutor Cashing in With Book Deal
9/11 Coloring Book Draws Criticism for Portrayal of Muslims
Book Review: "In My Time," by Dick Cheney
Leap, and the Net Will Appear
Book publishing | So Ben Stiller ... in real time | SoCelebrities
book publishing << ARTISTICALL
Press Release - MindStir Media Now Offers E-Book Publishing ...
ScienceRight Editing/ Wortley Road Books Publishing | Trisanone
Do you have a system for writing & self-publishing a book
Effective Skimming and Scanning
Q&A with Patsy Aldana on international children's publishing, and ...
Worth a Look 8.30.11 : Kingdom People
Good Bye to Weekly Geeks…Thinking about Community ...
Edit Your Novel before Self-Publishing | Book Publisher/ Book ...
Quercus Restructures Board | Quercus Books
High-EQ Networking
DC Universe: The Source >> Blog Archive >> Counting down to DC ...
FAQ: How to Participate in Random Acts of Publicity Week
Where is publication going? Presentation from Beijing Book Fair
A Manual to Publishing Your Books | Sisyliacandra
Either Find a Publisher or Publish Your Memoirs Free as an Ebook ...
Make something happen! Write now!
Publishing Innovation Awards on Beyond the Book | Digital Book ...
Write Now, Figure the Rest Out Later

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are you moving forward in your book marketing effort?
What's so common between an agent and an editor?
What your web designer should now about your book promotion
Applying the 4 Growth Stages to your book marketing effort
10 Things hated by Agents and Editors alike.
7 Questions you need to ask yourself when you hire a Web Designer for your book promotion
The commonly used model that doesn't sound like much fun.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Creating your book promotion website
Do morning people have a professional edge?
Hay Festival Segovia 2011: Hay's fairy-tale festival
Steve Jobs Is A Market Systems Master
The Hair Raising Book Publishing Process
Talented Ruby on Rails Developer Needed to Reinvent Book ...
The four growth Stages
Lectures in Real Estate Transactions | Coming ... - Canada Law Book
1947: Book Publishing | As they saw it
Bespoke Book Publishing Services Blog: New Published Author ...
Yale Press Log | Tag Archive | book publishing staff
Start Blogging a Short Book Today | The Gatekeepers Post
Do you know what agents and editors hate?
Should Publishers Credit Editors and Others in Books? | Publishing ...
The Changing Face of Publishing Saturday | Salem Literary Festival
Gender Across Borders >> Blog Archive >> Book review: Cambodian ...
Google agrees book scanning deal with yet another French publisher
How to Write a Great eBook | Internet Article Directory
Blogging Your Book
Articles 20VN | Indie Books - The Next Big Thing in Publishing ...
Bloodstone Books Publishes Gripping Family Saga By New Author
Ron Roy Talks About Challenges of Getting Published
Let Off Some Steam: Video Game Movies Are NOT Doomed
Thursday I Won't Care About You #15: Barbara's Not Broken
Covering Your (Publishing) Bases
Atomic Comics Explodes
CHTA celebrates golden anniversary with history book
New book introduces phone-on hold marketing
Showtime to Develop The Damned into Television Series
Recommended: Women snap up e-readers as men dominate tablets
7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer to Create Your Book Promotion Website — Part 2 of 2
The little book store that could
Sheridan grad Lemire making impact on comic book industry
About PNI: Publishing News International | Publishing News ...
"Print still commands about 46% of the overall advertisement pie ...
Dailymotion - CEO Bewkes Says Time Warner Publishing Ad Sales ...
AUTHORS! — Know Your Business!
INTERVIEW: Range Resources exec bullish on Marcellus Shale in US
3rd CLO Chief Learning Officers Summit Inaugurated here in Mumbai on Aug 25th
Key Media launches iPad apps for Australian Broker, Your Investment Property
Kenya: How the Economy Affects Media Costs
Sonny Ho-Ham Speaks: A Note From Metro Pulse's First Editor and Publisher
Ten Things That Agents and Editors Hate

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Promoting your book when the budget is limited
Are you having a hard time finding that publisher for your book?
What are your standards when you publish your book?
The similarity between having a new baby and a new book to write
Do you think that having a book in print is a miracle?
Is finding the right publisher a big challenge?
How to do you choose a publisher?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Beauty of Book Reviews | The Gatekeepers Post
The joys of electronic self-publishing | Your guide to the future
Facebook: the next ebook publisher? - Fiction Writers Review
Typos endemic to the e-book publishing process | Bookbee Ebooks
Care for 20th century literature? You'll care for this book
Weighing your options on publishing
YouTube Star Gets Book Deal & He Doesn't Even Know About It
Prosecution Lackey John Follain Delays Release of Book About Amanda Knox
Hachette Taking a Close Look at Risks and Benefits of Library Ebook Lending
Dolly Parton gives away books in Glasgow | Bibliotheca - Book News
IDW Wins Four Harvey Awards << Pulse: Comic Book News ...
Giving birth to a book
How Comics Reacts To An Earthquake Bleeding Cool Comic Book ...
Sinister New Title Sticks | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews ...
REVIEW: Zatanna #16 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News
Jose Fragoso | SONY Music children´s book | illustration news
Doodle Howl – New Comic Book Story | Illustration and Art News for ...
Publishing a book and having a baby
Guyanese writer releases new book, 'The Bread of ... - Kaieteur News
The Book Bench: In the News: Libya's Lit Scene, Faking the Books ...
Book Review: The Carrot Principle by Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton
Maru, the cat's meow of YouTube, stars in a new book
Book-buying blues
Taking Publishing Matters into Your Own Hands
Handmade bucket hat is cute for kids, offers creative outlet for busy adults
DC Comics relaunch setting sales record... relatively speaking
The Bucks Guide to Finding Cheap Textbooks: 3rd Edition
Books: Alexandra Fuller documents her African childhood
What Does Atomic Comics' Collapse Mean in the Big Picture?
Publishing to Win
Book action contradicts
First Book Provides 300000 Books to West Virginia Kids
Healthcare Blue Book Launches Free iPhone App to Help Patients Spend Less for Care
Ninoy's writings to live by launched in 23 languages / Angara book on Quezon out
55 Hollywood Celebrities Take Center Stage in Author's New Book
Raising Your Publishing Bar
Kids more likely to read Facebook than books
A Cartoonist Laughs at Diabetes and Her Book Will Make You Laugh Too
Handwritten letter from author Kathryn Stockett becomes focal point in 'The ...
E-Book Author Signs Print Deal With Simon & Schuster
Guantanamo inmate's book up for prize
Is That A Book Kicking Around Inside You?
Marketers see kids as an 'opportunity,' Joel Bakan argues in new book
Do you welcome suggestions from your employees?
Knowledge gap while writing your book? Learn how to bridge that gap…
How do you keep visitors merrily scanning and skimming toward taking the action you want?
High-EQ is what sets you apart from other networkers
Cross the bridge when you get there! Write that book now!
Do you know what your publishing employee are thinking?
Do you surroung yourself with people who knows more than you?
Do you know how visitors of your website engage with its text?
Four ways to boost your EQ and boost your networking skills
Are you ready to give it a go? Go write that book now!
Acting like the Prince may soon make you a Pauper!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surroung yourself with experienced people
How do you ensure a reader engages with the text on your Web pages?
Book News: If Only You Knew by Claire Allan - Chick Lit Reviews
Tourism gets boost from 'The Help' book, film
New Book: Sri Dasam Granth Sahib: Questions And Answers
Jungle Book rated best forest tale
Carnegie Mellon University Press Publishes "An Uncommon Field," First Book ...
Improving your networking skills with high-EQ
Being in bad books does nothing for Walcott's game
One in six children don't read a book a month
Dai Greene is preparing to emulate David Hemery after reading his book
Women's Basketball Notebook Beginning With The Book Of Paul
Make something happen! Write now!
Retired Appleton teachers Peter and Connie Roop find joy in children's books
Penguin launches 'Penguin Mobile application' for Book Lovers
Politicians' summer reads
Thousands sign book of condolence for Red Arrows pilot Jon Egging
Annual Library Book Sale: Dinosaur or Chameleon?
Do You Really Want to Know What Your Employees Think?
General Motors stock plunges below support toward book price
Stieg Larsson's final novel '70% complete', colleague claims
Children's Corner: Fine new picture books to help kids turn the page on summer
Anna inspires sale of Vivekananda's books
Books hold more than just stories
Leap, and the Net Will Appear
Throwing the book at Ricketts
Book of condolences will be set up for Sudburians to remember Jack Layton
Starbucks adds apps, books, TV shows to 'Pick of the Week'
Hicks book in line for $15000 prize
Yes we CAN! New book all about old school food preservation
Effective Skimming and Scanning
Action for Children: Kids Count Data Book ranks NC 38th in child well-being
Debut US novelist wins UK's oldest book prize
Does Rick Perry still favor repeal of 16th Amendment?
Book takes aim at wartime censorship
Digital-Book Writer Gets Paperback Deal
High-EQ Networking
How Soon Will My Ads Start Working?
Write Now, Figure the Rest Out Later

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Satisfying customers is not about the latest and greatest software.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Are taking authorship too lightly?
A few simple ways to use your writing skills to transform your network
A peek at Steve Jobs' entire book jacket
Daily Mail's Welsh 'monkey language' book review anger
Weaving memories into handmade books
Did Apple conspire with publishers to keep e-book prices high?
Christine O'Donnell book assertions challenged by critics
Sherlock Holmes book banned in Albemarle County, Virginia
Wizard of Ads LIVE Sample on Vimeo
Bouje Publishing Publishes New Kids' Book - #3 of the Future ...
New Statistics Model For Book Industry Shows Trade Ebook Sales ...
The first "China with annual Book Industry Museum and Library ...
Do you make your referral source look good?
The Fedrigoni Hotel Book: 50 types of paper
Business exclusive: Consumer confidence issue close to home
New Book for Business Leaders Gives Much Needed Advice on Reinvention ...
Trade and Industry Alliance should be brought to book for false advertising
Customer service sucks!
Microsoft Announces eBook Reader App Closure
Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment Expands into Asia
What will we learn from Steve Jobs' biography?
The Newest Avenger: Superhero to Challenge Race Politics
New book lets business leaders get to grips with Cloud computing
Are You Prepared for Author-hood?
What are effects of Cleaer Lake-area Borders closing?
Independents add e-books to their shelves
Business Model Toolbox
The Magazine Industry's Top Young Innovators: A Call for Nominations
Standard & Poor's Announces Change to U.S. Index
Put It in Writing to Establish Credibility–Yours & Theirs
10 System-Changing Ideas for Health from the Newest Class of Ashoka Fellows
New digital magazine features creative nonfiction
The enterprise opportunity of Big Data: Closing the "clue gap"
musiXmatch Launches Lyrics Application for iPhone and Android, Grants Music ...
Author Sandra Marton: Romancing the Quiet Corner
The Biggest Mistakes Authors Make in Interviews
What If A&M Got It Wrong?
Ganesh Lakshmanan joins as Hosmac India as GM, Comm
Free Textbooks For Students Will Break Greedy Monopoly
Google Motorola Mobility Purchase – Implications For The Music Business?
New Publishing Industry Survey Details Strong Three-Year Growth in ...
Can I Borrow Your Car?
PublishAmerica promises writers it will present their books at ...
Relatively High EV/EBITDA Ratio in the Publishing Industry ...
Analysts: Gaming Industry Outlook is Murky
Oxford business group teams up with foreign investment and foreign trade ...
Grow your business with LinkedIn
Want to Persuade? First, Delight!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jerry West to attend W.Va. Book Festival
Sacked AC/DC star Mark Evans clears air in book Dirty Deeds
How do you ensure a reader engages with the text on your Web pages?
Edinburgh book festival: are books just 'echo chambers'?
Alasdair Gray honoured by Edinburgh book festival on Lanark anniversary
A New Book about Online Gambling & the Stigmatization is Published
DELAWARE: In new book, O'Donnell admits witch-ad regret
Improving your networking skills with high-EQ
Stosur and Williams book their berths in Rogers Cup final
Publishing News – Susan Dennard >> Blog Archive >> Publishing ...
Production Savvy - Connecting Film, TV, Digital & Publishing Industry
Leonardo MISH MASH – Issue 1 of Leonardo Electronic Almanac as a ... Industry Leader With Promising Growth Potential
Make something happen! Write now!
Music industry must take risks to survive, says Harvey Goldsmith
Mainer wins national award
12 Dividend Stocks With Strong Cash Flow Coverage, Bullish Options Sentiment
Publishing News: How to write faster. |PublishersGlobal
Publishing News – How to Know In the event Self-Publishing Is for ...
Quebec publishes guide for aging homosexuals
Pioneer Calgary women proved how 'delicate' they were
Longer RIOT on the River to feature 'American Idol' finalist
Al-Mustapha's Pandora's Box
Local authors deliver histories, memoirs, children's books and more
Do You Really Want to Know What Your Employees Think?
Modern hub for today's learners
Will Calling My Daughter 'Cutie Patootie' Lead to Her Demise?
Ashford Publishing Radio Presents Phillip Holt
Baking books in Parkdale
Ashford Publishing would like to Congratulate Elizabeth Carlin on her ...
Leap, and the Net Will Appear
The Middle East's first true comic book publisher
Shogakukan Planning Simultaneous Multilingual Publishing
Rae, Harper hypocritical and Turmel affair
Al Reyadah wins AC contract of Masar
Kalimat launches Ramadan activity book for children
Effective Skimming and Scanning
Amazon finally taking on spammers
WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. in Grand Rapids celebrates 100th anniversary
How Blurb Tapped Into the Burgeoning Self-Publishing Industry ...
Media details about Book Publishing Report of US - Article Blast ...
Online Book Publishing | Social Media And The Book Publishing ...
High-EQ Networking
book publishing >> Spectacle Publishing Media Group, LLC
Blogs for Self-Publishers for August 7 – 13, 2011 — The Book Designer
Sunday Self-Publishing Round-Up [14 August] - Taleist
'Become a Real Self Publisher' by Michael N. Marcus is a Must Read ...
Tablets may offer advantages
Write Now, Figure the Rest Out Later
The perfect vintage tea party

Friday, August 12, 2011

Are you ready for that book interview?
I am boring and pedantic when I say too much.
Are you spending your time with the right people?
Are you doing some follow through in your business?
Are you doing the same boring process when writing your book?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things you need to remember when preparing for your book interview
The Secret of Saying to Little in Your Ads
Who do you spend most of your time with?
The Power of Success comes from Follow Through
The Dynamic Publisher | Interview with Richard Brandt, Chairperson ...
Writing Business Bits I – bits of wisdom from Linda Janssen << Jo ...
How Do You Become a Literary Agent? | Rachelle Gardner
A Little Political by Joanne Valin << Women Doing Literary Things
Pixel Mags Rejuvenates the Catalog Industry with their CDS ...
When writing becomes boring
Survey finds publishing industry revenues and sales up since 2008 ...
15 startups at Dream It Ventures ...
10 years of GSM revolution in Nigeria
Digital resourcing: improving the role of job boards
Dairy industry source slams Arla for CO2 'greenwash'
How to prepare for a book interview
Celebrating James Ibori at 53
Tully schools investigating e-readers for education
coach artists Pierre le Tan to launch limited edition deluxe beach bag products
"Naked Mag" Debuts, Featuring Fully-Clothed Artists
With Platinum's investment, Quark looks beyond traditional publishing
Revealing the Vivid Unexpected
Demand Media Up 31 Percent in Page Views in First Half 2011
Tour of England to include the American Queen
eBooks sales increased more than 1000% since 2008
Golden Seeds' Managing Director Stephanie Hanbury-Brown on Women Entrepreneurs
Quad/Graphics Reports 2nd Quarter 2011 Results and Declares Cash Dividend
"YOU are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with."
Civil servant looks for laughs with parody of classic novel
Back on the book trail
Book fair fills gap for GLBT community
A children's book about where mommies go
Attacks Precede Atzmon Book Release
The Power of Follow Through
10 cool books for hot days
Pankaj Kapoor writes a book on his love letters
Kwame Kilpatrick ordered to pay $15190 in prison costs
Steve Stoute To Release New Book "The Tanning Of America"
Titan Books To Publish 'The Complete Flash Gordon Library'
In the Mood for Pancakes
Booksellers strive to fill niche in changing marketplace
Book Review THE DOGG: Untold Story
Lawsuit Filed Against Apple and Book Publishers Over Illegal Ebook Price Fixing
Jamaica Plain Mom on the Best Parenting Books (None!)
Pre-interview List

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What REALLY drives performance, profitability, and market value to my business?
Are you afraid to meet new people?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you in a hurry to succeed?
LocalVox Launches White-Label Local Marketing Tool
Local Author Has the 'Write' Stuff
Too much to do, too little time?
Andrew Wylie Envisions Grim Future Where Writers Give Public Readings to Survive
National book fair to be held in Shanghai
Journal Controller Anne Bauer To Exit Company
How McGraw-Hill Went From Publishing Railroad Journals To Downgrading The US Debt
Are you in control of your interviews?
Jonathan Moyo offended by his own articles
Egmont and 2entertain sign up for Baby Jake
Harrowsmith Country Life cuts staff; future uncertain
B&N Will Stock Amazon Publishing Titles, With Caveat
Major UK Media Companies Renew Deals With Contextual Ad Leader Vibrant
Questions most publishers ask themselves
HP TouchPad as portable blogging machine
Amazon Accused of Selling Counterfeit CDs
Universal Music Publishing Group Agrees Deal Extension With Metallica
WPL Webinar to Examine Construction Scheduling Tips and Tricks
The Hastings Center Partners With Wiley-Blackwell
Network With Confidence
Blitz closes 1UP publishing label Clarifies Desktop Publishing Mysteries
eBay Presented Indonesian Merchandisers to Over 95 Million Buyers Worldwide ...
Anonymous responds to arrests by hacking and publishing personal data of US ...
Book Publishing - A Chaotic Mess
Resisting Instant Gratification
Go Read This | Will print and ebook publishers ultimately be doing ...
Digital Reading: Getting Behind Front Matter | Digital Book World
Will print and ebook publishers ultimately be doing the same books ...
Authors: Getting Started with Video Blogging — The Book Designer
Chronology of Portuguese Literature: 1128-2000 – Book
The Four Faces in Every Store
Alasdair Gray: 'Self-rule for Scotland would make us grow up'
Aussie Android developer says stung by Amazon
Bluewater Announces Selena Gomez Bio Comic
'DRAGONS,' 'STOLEN LIFE' bolster publishing industry | The Real ...
AH Belo is Among the Companies in the Publishing Industry With a ...
Take Command of Your Interviews
New twist in radio battle - Media & Publishing Industry - NZ ... Clarifies Desktop Publishing Mysteries – American ...
Why Playboy Is Getting Out of the Porn Business
Washington Post Announces Poor Second Quarter Results; Fair Value Estimate ...
Mergers and Acquisitions Recap: Deals and Rumors of the Week
What Drives Market Value for Your Publishing Business?–Part I of II
Rupert Murdoch: Media, power & politics
Is the message the message?
Numerals are images of amounts. But the… (Roy H. Williams Quote ...
At what price could you sell a huge number of your product?
What to do during a media interview
Do you know how to build your network in other countries without offending them?
Four suggestions to help you with your networking skills at conferences and shows.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Are we satisfying the needs of our readers?
Business Proverbs for Business Owners Conversations With The King - Book
DC Comics To Republish Jack Kirby's Spirit World Bleeding Cool ...
Smugglers' Stash & News | The Book Smugglers
Check Out The Cover Of Jane Lynch's New Book! | News Celebrity